Wye River Upper School

A Willow Construction brick building with a clock tower on it.

This project consisted of the complete renovation of Centreville National Guard Armory, a building constructed in 1926, to house the entire school operation. The exterior of the building maintains its original appearance, down to the restoration of the steel windows. The roof system was replaced and interior partitions added along the exterior walls to provide a thermal envelope. A small addition was placed on the building to provide room for an elevator and an egress stair. The building’s mechanical system is served by a geothermal system; the interior system consists of VRV’s and an ERV for zone temperature control. The building is equipped with a new fire suppression system and the electrical system was completely replaced. The design has allowed the building to accommodate five general classrooms, a language room, a math room, a science room, a music room with two practice rooms, a full gymnasium, and an art room. The building also houses the support and administrative faculty required to operate the school.

Project Challenges & Solutions

  • There was minimal space on-site for staging and storage, limiting the ability to multi-task operations. The geothermal wells with horizontal piping, electrical service, sanitary, water, and storm drains take up practically every square inch of the property. This required extra time and attention for site planning.
  • The existing structure had limited space between floors, especially the basement. The new mechanical, electrical, and sprinkler systems had to be closely coordinated.

Project Details