Pre-Engineered Buildings

An economical alternative. A quality solution.

Willow Construction has been a commercial construction leader on the Eastern Shore and broader Delmarva area for over 40 years. Many of our projects use pre-engineered buildings, which are an affordable, quality option. Willow uses Butler pre-engineered buildings, which are the best available on the market. When appropriate, we incorporate various exterior installation finishing systems (EFS) to create an attractive elevation. Many of our clients are surprised by how versatile and attractive – and affordable! – pre-engineered buildings can be.

"I would like to thank you and your team for all their hard work. Building renovations are always difficult projects, particularly when the building remains occupied. Your team was always professional and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to address any problem. It has been a pleasure to work with Willow Construction and I look forward to working with you again on future projects."

Terence J. McGean
PE, City Engineer, Town of Ocean City

Industries & Markets

Willow Construction is one of the most diversified commercial construction firms on Delmarva. Pre-engineered buildings are a great option for many different industries. From no-frills, utilitarian applications to elegant, architectural projects, we’ve done it all.

Scroll through the industries below to find out more about the types of pre-engineered projects Willow Construction has completed in the past. Download our market flyers for each area or view projects in more detail below the slider.

municipal construction by Willow


Willow Construction has completed many municipal construction projects throughout the Eastern Shore and broader Delmarva peninsula. These projects include offices, fire departments, police stations, EMS stations, airport terminals, air traffic control, and utilities and energy systems. We are very familiar and comfortable working within public procurement processes and budgets.

manufacturing construction by willow


Willow Construction has completed many manufacturing projects including warehouses, shipping & receiving, and production space. Pre-engineered buildings are especially well suited for manufacturing applications.

Automotive construction by willow


Willow Construction has completed projects for every aspect of the retail automotive industry, including new dealerships, repair facilities, service bays, showrooms, and sales centers. We are accustomed to working with corporate design standards, architects, and engineers. We are often able to offer pre-engineered building solutions that meet every requirement at a lower cost.

Educational construction by Willow


Willow Construction has a portfolio of education construction projects throughout the Eastern Shore and broader Delmarva area. We’ve completed projects at every level of K-12 for both public and private schools. We’ve also completed community college and specialty school construction projects. Safety is always a top priority, and Willow Construction has an EMR rating significantly below the industry average.

retail construction


Willow construction has completed a variety of retail construction projects including clothing stores, eye care centers, drug stores, and many others. We’ve also completed large-scale shopping center upgrades and renovations. Our site management practices ensure minimal traffic flow and parking disruptions, and maintain a neat and orderly appearance throughout construction.

place of worship construction by willow

Places of Worship

Willow Construction has experience constructing and renovating places of worship, including churches and temples. We enjoy working with congregations and their building committees to plan, design, and build their projects. We always take an educational, advisory approach to every project, helping the committee develop a budget, timeline, and communication plan for the broader congregation.

Recreational construction


Willow Construction has completed many large-scale recreational construction projects for both public and private clients. We’ve seen it all and done it all, including indoor & outdoor facilities, pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, climbing walls, equestrian facilities, etc. We use high impact, durable finishes and always design and build with safety in mind.

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