St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Addition, Occupied Renovation
A white Willow Construction church with a steeple in the middle of a parking lot.

Willow Construction was engaged to build an addition and make renovations to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. This included the addition of an elevator, replacing the existing HVAC system with a geothermal well system, enlarging the facility to accommodate larger administrative offices, new Sunday school classrooms, doubling the size of Donaldson Hall, providing a large paved parking area, and insulating the church throughout. The design maintained the use of existing finishes such as stucco, painted wood fascia and soffit, hardwood floors, and exposed structural framing. The electrical system was upgraded and replaced to accommodate the new demands from the elevator and the increased square footage.

Project Challenges & Solutions

  • The exterior stucco had to match a finish that had been on the building for more than 80 years. The solution came after numerous samples and meetings with the design team to offer alternatives that maintained the appearance of the building.
  • The second challenge regarding product selection involved the use of a traction elevator, precast wall systems that achieved bearing on gravel in lieu of a traditional footing, exposed timber framing providing the primary roof structure, and the use of structural insulated panels to create balance of the roofing structure.
  • Each of the systems required additional planning prior to starting the work, the schedule was often impacted and required the project to be sub-phased to maintain the completion date.

Project Details