Ruff Roofers

Ruff Roofers Show Room

After years of neglect, this highly visible building received a long-awaited renovation to become the home of Roof Roofers, LLC in Queenstown, Maryland. Willow Construction teamed up with 3R Properties, LLC to renovate this building from a bland, aged, vinyl sided, flat-roofed building into a unique architectural feature on the Eastern Shore. Elements such as Mineret paneled exterior with Accoya battens on the gables ends, Alaskan Yellow Cedar shingles used for roofing and siding, a window precisely fitted into a reverse dormer, and brick veneer laid out in a double row lock with areas of projected brick separates this building from any other on the exterior. The building still exhibits its uniqueness with frameless glass doors within pine timber portals, extensive cove lighting, and creative flooring throughout the interior. Willow Construction was excited to assist one of their sub-contractors, Ruff Roofers, LLC, build their new home on the Eastern Shore.

Project Details

  • 3,027 square feet
  • Queenstown, Maryland
  • Construction Management
  • Owner:  Ruff Roofers
  • Architect: Swanson Design