Easton Air Traffic Control Center

New Construction
Closeup of top deck of Easton air traffic control tower

This project consisted of a 77 foot high structure with an observation deck 54 feet above ground. The tower was needed in order to assist in overall safety of the airport due to the growth in both commercial and recreational traffic. The control tower is staffed through the Federal Aviation Administration. The control tower was completed within the contracted time period. AJT was hired to install all of the tower control equipment because this vendor had experience in both equipment installation and construction of towers from start to finish. Of all the projects they had previously completed, this project was the quickest a tower of this complexity had ever been erected.

Challenges & Solutions

  • Throughout the course of the project there were a number of revisions to the design documents which Willow budgeted between time and cost, to assist the owner in determining the feasibility to complete the additional work.
  • Even with the many revisions, we managed to complete the work within original contingency and still offer a substantial credit at the conclusion of the project.
  • Design and completion of the project had to meet FAA requirements, but as the project progressed, it became apparent that not every interpretation of their minimum requirement was built into the construction documents. Final design changes were required in order to meet these requirements.
  • FAA would not give final approval of the building until all equipment was installed, which had to be completed within our project time constraints. At the conclusion of the FAA inspection, we were proud to hear that construction of the tower met all FAA requirements.

Project Details

  • Completed in 2007
  • Stipulated Sum
  • Owner: Town of Easton
Easton Air Traffic Control tower