The project consisted of a fast-track renovation of a vacant industrial building into a poultry processing R&D facility for Perdue. The project was a collaborative effort between AWB Engineers, Willow Construction, and Perdue. In order to meet the Owner’s aggressive schedule, an initial budget and contingency were established to serve as the baseline through design and construction. The budget was updated monthly and reviewed with the Perdue team. The project included demolition, rooftop mechanical equipment, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler, offices, display and conference areas, site work including a grease interceptor, ADA compliant entry, and a parking lot expansion.

Project Challenges & Solutions
  • Willow Construction devised an installation plan for the foundations and support steel for the rooftop mechanical equipment inside the existing building. The project superintendent also managed the installation of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and sprinkler systems with the Owner’s refrigeration and cold storage contractor.
Project Details