The Town of Easton, Talbot County Government, and Maryland Department of Commerce joined forces to attract an aerial and satellite imaging company to the region. Willow Construction was selected as the Design/Builder of 3Di’s new office building. Willow hired the design team, secured the building permits, and met the demanding schedule of the tenant. The Design/Build team was given the duty to design the building with “Eastern Shore vernacular.” Brick veneer and galva-lume metal roofing were chosen as the building envelope to satisfy this request. Highly visible from all sides, exceptional effort was provided to hide the mechanical equipment from view. A depressed well area in the center of the roof with a ladder and hatch from below was designed to allow easy access for maintenance. Having met the challenges of design, schedule, and budget, Willow Construction received accolades from the multi-agency project partners.

Project Challenges & Solutions
  • A demanding ten-month schedule from design to completion required fast-track construction methods.
  • Sensitive imaging equipment with fiber optic connections required adequate cooling and dedicated electrical supply.
Project Details
  • 20,000 square feet
  • Easton, Maryland
  • Design-Build